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Previous Solutions

Our aim is to make your work and life easier.

Please have a look at our previous solutions with satisfied clients.

Testing facility


I started my company whilst working for a commercial testing facility. With my help they were able to grow the company a lot quicker. In the pictures you can find one of the testing facilities we made for them. Since the room was rented it was supposed to be easy to remove again.We have worked with wood before but the client wanted something different for this location.After some consideration we decided to go for a wood structure and plasterboard on the outside walls.This made it possible to divide the room into multiple rooms.This way we could have a lab, a break room, a testing room, a reception and a dressing room.On top of that, the simple design made it possible to finish this project within 4 working days.The testing facility is now in use on a daily basis.

3D printing for testing facility


When I just started for the testing facility I noticed some things that could improve on their workflow. Since I told them I was interested in optimization we talked some things through and I made some designs. In the pictures you can see some of the designs I made and how we use them. This simple and cheap way of using 3d printing for optimizing the workflow is something I really love applying on different job sites.

Ventilation system


Every testing facility should have some form of ventilation. This is why we installed a simple cheap and fast ventilation system on one of the other locations. Since we still all hope corona will go away someday and those testing facilities will all go away at some point, it would be too expensive to install a big professional ventilation system. What this facility needed was something that could be installed quickly, reliably and would work. Therefore we decided to use a simple ventilation system commonly used on toilets. We installed the fans in three of the most important places (toilet, lab and the testroom). From here they would go through ventilation tubes through the wall outside. Then we decided to wire the fans through the lights so it would be impossible to forget to put the ventilation on. Since the testing facility was already in use, this project needed to be done fast and after closing hours.

Kitchen removal project

Some client

For this project a client asked me to remove the complete kitchen. This included everything including the tiles on the wall.

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